10 reasons
why we have the best product in the market

1.) Minimal Training Needed
Other chairs on the market require a video or in depth instructions to operate. This requires time to implement and time is money. Our chairs require little to no training to operate due to their intuitive design. Operators simply remove the chair from the wall hanging device, unfold, latch, place the evacuee into the chair, strap into place, and carry or roll them to safety.

2.) Easily Maneuvers Stairs
Our chairs are designed to easily and safely go both down (evacuate) and up (relocate) stairs. This is an extremely important aspect to consider when evaluating evacuation chairs. The ability to quickly, easily, and safely reverse direction is of optimum importance when time is of the essence. Our chairs can also be used in most stairwells with tight turning radiuses, which are commonly found in older buildings. Not all other brands of evacuation chairs are capable of maneuvering within these tighter stairwells.

3.) No Speed Governing Mechanism
All of our chairs are manual in operation. There is no restrictive device to limit the evacuations speed of decent. The evacuators can simply descend (or ascend) the stairs at their own speed, keeping pace with everyone else using the stairwell; thus not becoming an obstruction to slow the evacuation process themselves. The lack of governor allows the operators to avoid debris by quickly going over it or the option of easily turning around in the event of smoke, fire, flood or any other obstruction. The lack of the governor allows our chairs to remain light weight assisting in the evacuation and safety of the evacuators. Our Emergency Chair (Model 400) is roughly 19 pounds, close to half the weight less than other evacuation chairs on the market.

4.) All Devices Require Two People for an Evacuation
This is important to note given all chairs require two people to move up stairs in the event of a fire, smoke, water, debris or other obstruction in the stairwell. It is best to prepare for the use of two people from the start rather then resorting to recruiting someone who is flustered during the evacuation process.

5.) Affordably Priced
Our complete line of chairs are the most affordable on the market today. We give quantity discounts as well, so depending on the number ordered, many times our price is half to one third the cost of track governed chairs. You can download our latest price list and other informational material (including a side-by-side comparison) in our downloads section of the web-site or simply click here.

6.) Ergonomically Designed
From the very beginning our chairs foremost requirement was to make it comfortable and safe for the evacuators as well as the evacuees. All of the Safety Chairs chairs have been designed to allow full extension of the arms, therefore reducing the stress on the lower back, shoulders and knees. Our chairs also offer the most support to the evacuee. We have designed the chairs to offer arm support as well as superior back support and straps to keep the evacuee stable during the evacuation process. In short, our chairs are the safest for all those involved in the evacuation process.

7.) Safety Chair Models Are Lightweight
Weighing nineteen (19) pounds, our Emergency Chair (Model 400) is among the lightest on the market today. This allows for easy use by all operators. It also allows easy reuse in the event of re-entry into the building being evacuated. This means more people quickly get out during the evacuation. Which results in more saved lives.

8.)  Safety Chair Models Are Made to Last
Our chairs are all made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum keeping the device weight low while allowing for a carrying capacity of over 650 pounds. Many of the other chairs on the market only have a maximum of 300 pound weight capacity. We believe in our product and offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty to back it up.

9.) Signature Program
We are the only company to offer the a customization of the chairs with our Signature Program. This program allows for customization to an individual for security purposes to deter theft. It also allows each organization to incur positive public relations, letting all people who visit their building know the organization is looking out for their safety.

10.) Evacuation System Program

We are the only company to offer a organization the ability to improve both the emergency evacuation process of their building(s) while also meeting Americans with Disability (ADA) requirements. With our Evacuation System Program an organization can upgrade their hanging unit with customized evacuation plans, directional signage and other organization information.

In a side-by-side comparison of leading evacuation chairs

You can download it and other informational material in our downloads section of the web-site or simply click here.


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